How to Change your dog food

Changing Dog food 

Our dogs are our family members, even though their demands in life are fairly simple ( love, food, walks… etc.). It's important that we take utmost care of these simple needs.

When it comes to food, especially if you are using dry food (as its their only feed), you need to choose very wisely; to pick a brand that have the optimum amount of nutrients, vitamins, proteins and fat to provide that delicate balance to make your dog healthy from the skin to the joints and from the muscles and core. 


At Happy Tails, we have reached that point after a lot of work starting from our Canadian formula bought from one of the top ten universities in North America specialized in Animal feed, to customizing it with their consent to the local ingredients, to choosing the best suppliers of raw materials that are fresh and the highest quality. We use human food grade ingredients in our feed, to provide food that is consistent, available and cost efficient and, of course, taking special care of the taste, as we realize that the if the healthiest meal tastes bad it would still not be eaten. So, we're also using the highest quality of all natural tasty ingredients.


Changing your dog food from home cooked food to dry food or even from one brand or type of dry food to the other take some time.

On the first day add one quarter of the new food to three quarters of the food you want to replace. On the second day provide half new and half old and finally, on the  third day three quarters of the new food and one quarter of the old until the fourth day you are fully changed to new food, as it takes your dogs stomach a bit of time to adjust to the new food, even if he/she likes it on the first shot. 

Good luck and bon Appetite.