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Our Story

Mocha, Nala and Lisa are main members of our household whom we love and cherish deeply. They have taught us life valuable lessons since their infancy. To them a simple mundane everyday task can turn into an exciting adventure like; a walk on the streets on a sunny morning, or the intent observation of a butterfly roaming around, or the skepticism around an insect moving nearby, providing us with a new lens through which we can see the world. As pet-parents we understand that it is both a privilege and a transformative experience to live close by those lovable creatures. Our hope is to find ways to maintain and sustain this special bond for as long as possible. In 2015, this hope slowly morphed into a rigorous search powered by passion to investigate factors that contribute to healthy happy long lives of our pets. We came to the conclusion that nutrition is key, and that was the cornerstone on which we have founded Happy Tails. Along with a team of experts in different fields, we delved into the endeavor of creating pet-food that is packed with the right amount of nutrients, made from wholly natural ingredients, and appeal to pets’ taste buds. We believe that it is not only the ingredients that matter but also the proportionally by which they are combined. After years of research we arrived at the ideal formulae. Developed by the acclaimed School of Veterinary of the University of Guelph, recognized as one of the top ten universities in North America, these formulae are where tasty and healthy meet. As the journey proceeded we realized that to perfect the nutritional components was not the end of the road, we had to ensure that what we offered to our pets was taste appealing. We spent over a year working on palatability to cater for the broadest audience. To achieve that, we resorted to wholly organic raw material fit for human consumption, without using any artificial or genetically modified flavors. The result was; authentic flavor and optimized nutrition. It was also important to us to remain in proximity to the manufacturing process; almost its entirety takes place locally but with a world-class standard. At Happy Tails, we are committed to continue manufacturing products of exceptional quality and to deliver them to you without the cost being a burden. We are all animal enthusiasts and we are keen to create a community of animal lovers. One of our core beliefs is that every animal deserves to be loved and cared for during their lifetime. In that spirit, Happy Tails, aspires to contribute to the well-being of homeless animals through building shelters and creating recovery programs for stray animals.


Our drive is to be the trusted pet food brand, providing nourishing tasty highest quality pet food, to promote the overall well-being of pets.


Enriching the quality of life of pets.